New Dems Speak Out in Support of Trade Agreements

Oct 6, 2011
Press Release

Washington, D.C. – Members of the New Democrat Coalition have taken to the House Floor and the Ways and Means Committee to call for action on the pending trade agreements with Korea, Colombia and Panama as well as Trade Adjustment Assistance.  All three agreements passed out of the House Ways and Means Committee yesterday, paving the way for floor consideration.   

At the Ways and Means Markup on the Trade Agreements, New Dem Chair, Congressman Joseph Crowley (NY-7) said [link to video here]:

“The notion or idea that these are purely economic agreement(s), I would argue that they are also and maybe more importantly geopolitical agreements and diplomatic agreements that we are entering into today.  And that our reason for supporting these agreements, if we so chose to, is because we do believe that Korea is a special ally of the United States, that we do believe that Panama is a special ally of the United States, and that we do believe that Colombia in South America is a special ally to the United States.” 

Also at the Markup, Congressman Ron Kind (WI-3), New Dem Vice-Chair stated [link to video here]:

“This is more than just goods and services crossing the border, I think when that happens armies don’t.  I think it’s an important tool in our diplomatic arsenal as well, that we are engaged actively in trade agreements and trying to reduce the barriers and level the playing field for our workers, for our companies.  I think these three trade agreements make a huge step in that direction and provide a good template for future trade action.” 

On the House floor, Congressman Jim Moran (VA-8), a Co-Chair of the New Dem Trade Task Force said [link to video here]:

“I applaud the administration on the negotiated revisions to these agreements, which will improve market access in Korea, tax transparency in Panama, and labor rights in Colombia. Through their hard work, our trade negotiators, led by Ambassador Kirk, have made real and significant improvements to these agreements. Their passage is long overdue.”

The New Dems have long called for action on the pending trade agreements with Korea, Panama and Colombia to strengthen our national security and level the playing field for American businesses and workers.  It is estimated that once signed, these agreements will increase U.S. GDP by over $12 billion and open markets to millions of new customers for U.S. manufacturers, farmers and the service sector.   

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